MCC Women’s Softball

Last year, the Jayhawks had a tough start of the season.  During the first 9 games, they lost 5.  But then the Jayhawks got on fire.  In the next 45 games, they won 28.  They ended their regular season with an overall record of 32-24.

In Regionals, during the first game, the Jayhawk Softball team got more hits, but not more runs in a seven-inning 3-2 loss to Lansing CC. MCC outhit Lansing eight hits to five. 

In the second game in the tournament, Owens CC busted loose in the fifth inning with six runs.  The Jayhawks responded with two runs in the sixth inning, but it was not enough.  We are looking forward to another good year in 2013-2014.

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