Feel the Speed!

by Eric Rothoff

As long as I remember, it took a long time to boot up a computer in the Information Commons. But I, like most students did nothing about it. Then in December, one of our writers decided to interview Mike Alstrom on why the boot speeds were so slow.

To our surprise, the IT department had not realized how slow the boot time was. They measured the time and found it to take about 4 minutes from pressing the power button to when the desktop shows up. So, they went about trying to find a solution.

Now, the boot times for computers in the Information Commons are about 1 minute, 15 seconds, and 1 minute and 30 seconds for those in the library. Congratulations to the IT team for quickly solving the problem once it was brought to their attention. But that teaches us one important lesson; a problem cannot be fixed if it is not known to be a problem. Something else not working right, don’t just complain to your friends, but report it. It might be that the administration does not yet realize that it is a problem.

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