DIY Emergency Preparedness College Starter Kit

Lauren Mitchell

As a student at Muskegon Community College I have found there are certain things that make the education process a lot smoother. Most ready for college lists focus on dorm room items. Here at MCC there are no dorms, so everything on the list is focused elsewhere for success in school. While not absolutely necessary, all of these items will help you get through your classes easier. I generally stock up on most of these items during the back to school sales to last me the whole year. If I do need to replace anything I often hit the dollar store to save money.
Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
Flash drives
Stapler/ staples
Laptop/ tablet
VISA card for the vending machines
Post-it flags/ index cards
Pain reliever (Tylenol/ Advil)
Facial tissues
Candy/ snacks
Water bottle
Power strip
Phone charger
#2 pencils (either mechanical or add a sharpener too)
Large backpack

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