Modern feminism = equal rights for all

Modern feminism has become a flexible term that broadly defines many stances on

gender equality and gender roles in society.

By its true definition, feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal

rights and opportunities.

The movement has picked up momentum again in recent years with the support of

prominent celebrities and public figures. Emma Watson, actress and a goodwill ambassador of

UN Women, a United Nations organization, has been a clear voice in the fight for gender


She represents the HeForShe campaign started by UN Women. HeForShe is a solidarity

movement that provides a platform for gender equality to be discussed. They believe that men

and women should have the same rights and advocate the countless benefits that gender equality

will bring to the world.

Although most people would agree that gender equality is an important issue, feminism

has become a hated word because it has become synonymous with man-hating. This idea has

soured men and women on the movement and has made it hard to see that all feminists, men and

women, are fighting for the same cause.

Even some who do not choose to identify as feminists still say they want gender equality.

Recent interviews with several students at Muskegon Community College reveal that

some students believe there are gender roles and lines that should not be crossed. (See sidebar


Men sometimes fear negative responses by their peers when they identify as feminist. Or

some simply do not have an opinion on the matter. The HeForShe campaign seeks to change that

stance and promote the concept that both men and women are needed in the movement for

g3ender equalitly.

On the other hand, some women believe they do not need feminism and that feminism

detracts from the fight for gender equality.

Women Against Feminism allows women to voice their objections. Some of the reasons

include: not wanting to play the victim, needing an advantage over men, or not wanting to

demonize men.

While the women of Women Against Feminism are saying they do not need feminism,

many of the reasons they do not believe in feminism still support the movement for gender


Women Against Feminism seems to be more of a movement by women against gender

inequality, as they are not willing to be part of a movement that they believe discriminates men.

Gender inequality has a global impact on the development of countries and global

economy. The United Nations has17 sustainable goals for transforming the world for the better,

and the fifth one is achieving gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls.

Gender inequality in developing nations bars many young girls and women from

pursuing a secondary education, which has far-reaching detrimental impacts on their health and

economic status.

According to UNICEF, Educated girls and women are less vulnerable to HIV infection,

human trafficking and other forms of exploitation and more likely to marry later and have fewer


In many countries around the world, young girls are not educated on sexually transmitted

disease or provided access to birth control. The spread of diseases and bearing children at young

ages is threatening to their health.

A 10 to 20 percent income increase is associated with each additional year of schooling

for women. Worldwide, women do not have equal opportunities for education and work.

The oppression women face is undeniable and only until women are given the same

rights as men can the issues the world faces, like poverty and spread of infectious diseases, be


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