What does being a woman mean to you? Would you consider yourself a feminist?

What does being a woman mean to you?

Would you consider yourself a feminist?

pix 1aLilly Persicke: 1. Being strong and proud of your sexuality. Don’t let other people make you feel like you’re inferior because of your sex. Women can be strong too. 2. Yes, feminism gets a bad rep, but it means you stand up for women’s rights and you’re not labeled by your gender.



pix 2a

Elisabeth Pollack: 1. It means you are a person in the world and you can do whatever you want with it. You’re not better. You’re not worse. You make the person you are. 2. No, I don’t know the meaning



pix 3aBrianna McPherson: 1. Being a woman is no different than being a man. It is being proud of what you can do. You are free to make the choices you can. It is standing up for what you believe. It’s living life.  2. Yes, because I need feminism. It is the reason I have my rights, especially as a black woman.



pix 4a.AlyssaAlyssa Jakielek: 1. The first thing I think of is what you identify yourself as. It doesn’t necessarily matter how you were born. you just know whether you are. 2. No, because feminism implies women are first rather than equal.



pix 5aKatie Neel: 1. Independent. Women do a lot more than men at times. We take care of the household and work. 2. No, I want equal rights, but there are certain lines. I don’t feel that strongly about it.



pix 6aSamantha Monroe: 1. I could go on with this. Women endure a lot and we have the strength in ourselves. There are so many things that women go through. It’s being able to be who you are and not care. 2. Yes, I believe every woman has her rights. I’ve studied women’s rights and I try to show we can do anything.



pix 7aNia Wade: 1. To be strong. Women go through a lot of things men don’t have to go through. I just saw a video of men experiencing cramps for the first time. We go out and do stuff and work, but these guys couldn’t even get out of bed. It really showed how different it is.  2. No, because I don’t really look into politics or that area. Women deserve rights, but I wouldn’t say I am.



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