No need to remain broke with on-campus student jobs

By Jordan Rutz, Staff Writer –

Many students are familiar with the saying “broke college student”, but students here at

MCC don’t need to worry about saying that.

With the abundance of different job offerings available to students, anyone looking for

some extra cash during the semester do not need to look far because MCC has a job for you.

“The Federal Work Study program enables eligible students to be employed by the

college in a position that may complement and reinforce a recipient’s educational program or

career goals.” says Lois Smith, from the Financial Aid Office here at MCC.

MCC offers job positions in all types of fields including, dinning, community outreach,

golf course, library, MCC TV, tutoring, and so many more. The full list of jobs that are currently

available to apply for are on MyMCC located under student services, then student enrollment,

and then under work study.

MCC offers such a wide variety of jobs because they want to better prepare students for

their career after they graduate and help give them the funds to do so.

“We have approximately 170 students annually that hold positions as a Work Study.”

says Smith.

With so many job openings available each year this gives many students the opportunity

to learn more about the careers they are wanting to do into and are able to do so in a controlled

environment surrounded by people who want to teach and enforce students to be successful

while also being introduced to what a career job will look like.

One requirement is certain you must have, though, when applying for a job at MCC.

“Work Study is a federally funded program. Therefore, students are required to complete

a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to determine their eligibility.” says Smith.

With so many students wanting to apply, MCC must first look at the eligibility of the

students to see where they are at financially before accepting any applications. By filling out a

FAFSA, MCC can determine who is more eligible and more in need of a job from other students.

The majority of students at MCC who fill out a FAFSA and apply for Work Study are eligible to

get a job.

“The 2017-2018 FAFSA will be available to students on October 1, 2016.” says Smith.

If considering applying for Work Study and have yet to fill out a FAFSA has fortunately

moved its deadline to October rather than January.

“In the past the first day the FAFSA was available was January 1st of the academic award

year. This change will give students additional time to complete their FAFSA.” says Smith.

Thankfully for students who have yet to fill one out still have a time to complete it before

the deadline.

“It has not been determined yet if this change will affect the FAFSA deadlines.” says


It is better for students to fill out there FAFSA, if they haven’t yet, so when they do want

to apply for Work Study the information is gathered and recorded.

Applying for the Work Study program is very simple. Information for applying is

available on the Work Study page on MyMCC where it was mentioned before.

For any additional information, see Lois Smith or any other employees in the Financial

Aid offices on campus.


Featured Image: MCC student intern Mike Wakefield and student employee Josh Coulier work in the IT Department. They are among the approximately 170 students who are employed by MCC in Work-Study positions on campus. – Photo by Grace Dowling.

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