Tutoring Center offers free help for students

By Alec Batchelder, Staff Writer –

What student hasn’t struggled with your homework. Some have figured out early that

there is a free tutoring center on campus.

The tutoring center is located in room 204 on the second floor inside Collegiate Hall.

“The tutoring center is very essential for students,” said Dean Fritzemeier, coordinator of

testing and tutoring in the center. “It is not just for new students, but also students who are

returning to school after a few years. They are always looking for help.”

The tutoring center is open to help any student needing help in most classes. Among the

few classes that the center does not offer help in are basic reading and writing and low level math

classes. The classes that most students need help with are math, chemistry and biology.

“A lot of the time, students are coming to the tutoring center to get help on their

homework,” Dean continued. “Not only that, but they also come for advice on how to time

manage themselves, to study and if they have any questions.”

The tutoring center is even available for students to just go there in study. They don’t

necessarily need to get a tutor, but if they have a question one may be able to help.

Getting help with a tutor is easy. Students who know they need help with a certain

subject can go online to their MyMCC portal page and sign up online. They are also can walk in

during business hours to talk with a tutor if one is available.

“Sign up before you need help,” said Matt Grulke, a student tutor. “Even if you don’t

necessarily need it, it’s good to go. You don’t have to be afraid to come. We are here to help you.

We have such a laid back atmosphere. We have more students here working to help you than any

other work study area on campus. We have a positive environment so you can feel welcome.”

Grulke started working in the tutoring center because as he said, “it naturally occurred.”

He was always helping people and one of his instructors recommended that he should get a job

there. He currently works up to 20 hours a week at the tutoring center, but hours can vary weekly

depending on how much or how little tutors are available.

“The dean likes to make sure that we aren’t working ourselves too hard so that it affects

our other classes,” he said. “The importance of asking early and to succeed is to stay. Even if you

don’t need the help, it’s always good to stop in.”


Featured Image: Kaitlyn Carney, a math tutor, works with David Richards in the Tutoring Center. – Photo by Grace Dowling.

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