Lions or Lame? This guy is still a die-hard Lions fan

By Levi Spring, Fresh Take –

The Detroit Lions are famous for all the wrong reasons except for one, their loyal fans.

Growing up just outside of the Detroit suburbs, I have become one of these radical

Michigander loyal-till- death Lions supporters.

In a society constructed upon theories and beliefs of individualism, sporting events such

as football games are becoming one of our culture’s last forums for communal traditions, where

we share common interests and goals with so many strangers.

In football, a game can go only one of two ways. You win or you lose. The Lions have

been trying, and miserably failing, to win a Super Bowl since January 15, 1967 — the year it

began. That's a whopping total of zero accumulated Super Bowl rings for the Lions. So yeah,

only 49 years of failure and counting.

Some say it can’t get any worse than that, but my rebuttal is simply this: 0-16. That

statistic is the Lions' historical win-loss record in the 2008 NFL season. If there was ever a time

to quit writing an article, it would be now.

However, we are all in this together and it’s not like this is 1967, 2008, 2015, or any of

the other years that occurred between. It’s the 2016-17 NFL season and the Lions look like

they're starting to shake up the football playoff race in a good way. Finally.

This prospect of mine is of course coming after the last few September Sundays turned

out tough for the Detroit team. The first four games of this season were definitely not all

rainbows and butterflies for the Lions. The season opener against the Indianapolis Colts could

barely be called a victory (although we'll take them whenever we can get them), after Matt Prater

kicked a field-goal with no time left in regulation for the Lions' win.

Then the following three games for the Lions were all losses, resulting in an early win-

loss record of 1-3 for head coach Jim Caldwell and the rest of his team (and the shadow of

Calvin “Megatron” Johnson’s recent retirement from the team hovering over-top of the

organization). These results seemed eerily similar to past years and allude to yet another

upcoming disastrous losing-season for our hopeful but steadfast Lions.

Or so we thought that it was the beginning of the end. Little did we know that

quarterback Matt Stafford and his Detroit teammates would perform perfectly executed, back-to-

back, well-designed game plans over the last two weeks resulting in wins. These achievements

brought the Lions to their current and a more optimistic win-loss record of 3-3.

And here we are. Three wins and three losses, a newly achieved clean slate for the cheery

Detroit football team that we all love-to- hate and hate-to- love.

I guess now we're right back to where we started at. I can almost hear the lions fading off

into the distance, all the while singing “Circle of Life” in harmony with Elton John. Never mind,

wrong lions but still a good song. Maybe my imagination is too strong or wild. Then again, my

imagination is probably the X-factor that consistently forces me back into my couch, in front of

my television, with my chicken wings with a side of pizza, and my beloved Detroit Lions week

after week.

I mean, what if the Lions actually won the Super Bowl? Can anybody truly understand

what even just one championship could translate into for not only the team and its fans, but also

for the city of Detroit?

I can’t be the only Detroit Lions fan who has been, and will continue to, faithfully wait in

vain. So join me in my futile ventures. We can root for our Detroit Lions and share together an

everlasting unbreakable bond., a common knowledge between us, which is that next year, will be

OUR year!

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