Final exams week of Dec. 5-9, classes meet for two-hour block

By Jordan Rutz, Staff Writer –

Finals week is coming up among many college campuses across the country, MCC


“Finals week starts December 5 and runs through December 9,” said Ed Breitenbch,

Dean of Instruction and Assessment Academic Affairs. “It’s a weeklong testing period where

normal classes are changed to accommodate student’s final exams.”

It is important for students to know when their exams will be since normal class periods

do change during this time. Students typically will not go to their normal classes at their normal

times during this weeklong period, so getting familiar with when student’s exams will be is

crucial to ensure they make it.

The official final exam fall 2016 schedule has been posted under “Announcements” on

students and staff’s “MyMCC” account on the schools website.

There students can find their list of courses determined by the students class subject, the

course number, and section. In the schedule it also includes the professor’s name for the course

and the room the exam will be taken in.

Most of the time final exams are taken in the student’s normal classroom, but beware of

any room changes by looking specifically at the room number on the schedule and watching out

for any professor announcements they may make about a room change before the exam.

“Each class during final exam week meets for about one to two hour blocks,” said


Final exams typically consists of a cumulative exam, so the extended time blocks are

needed for students to properly take their exam without feeling rushed.

“One to two hours is a perfect time stretch for students when taking their exams,” said

Papa N’jai, a Social Science professor at MCC.

“Finals week gives professors enough time to grade any remaining assignments and catch

up on grades before the end of the semester,” said Breitenbach. “Professors have been doing this

a long time, so they’re pretty use to how the schedule works.”

Finals week comes up quick, especially after Thanksgiving break, and many people,

including students and professors, are extremely busy around this time of year.

“If a faculty member has any issues with their exam schedule, they can request exam day

changes up to a week after the schedule is sent out,” said Breitenbach. “And if students have any

issues or concerns with their exam schedule they can talk directly to their professor and work out

a plan with them.”

Although many exams do entail some sort of written exam, it is not required.

“No test is required for that period of time,” said Breitenbach. “It is up to the professor

with what they want to do during that period. Some do final projects or presentations.”

Whatever a professor decides to do that week, students are sure not to be low on stress.

Although students are ready for their much needed break, the ending of the semester seems to be

the hardest for most.

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