Get tips on preparing for winter driving, spotting severe weather

By Aubrey Schaeffer, Staff Writer –

We all know how Michigan can be unpredictable with its blizzards and icy winter

weather. Everyone should get the knowledge of how to stay safe and be smart in this season.

Muskegon Community College has partnered up with Mark Torregrossa, MLive Chief

Meteorologist, as the guest speaker to give some key things to survive this winter season.

Participate in the class on Monday, November 7st from 7:00-9:00pm in Room 1100, to get the

information you need to be prepared. Everyone is encouraged to attend and the cost is absolutely

free. The past few winters have been very cold. Forecasters predict that a ‘warm’ winter is

headed our way this year, but people should still tune in to Mark Torregrossa for some tips this


Mark shared a few things in a recent interview via email about the different things that

are going to be in the class, “We will look at the different storm track patterns, and what snow

amounts they usually bring the Muskegon area. Also how to accurately measure different forms

of winter weather. I’ll look in-depth at lake effect snow. Also- we should look at the

temperatures of the Great Lakes and what that may mean for this winter.”

Chief Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa has been forecasting Michigan and educating

people for more than 25 years, and the chief for three television news stations.

His inspiration to teach this class was that: “People are fascinated by weather, and it

affects all of us. Some Michiganders work in businesses that are very weather sensitive.”

Michigan’s businesses are affected very much so by the winter weather, so it is important

for them to have the knowledge about this state’s blizzards and snow storms.

Mark shares about the most important thing to know when it comes to Michigan’s

weather patterns, “You should know that winter storm precipitation varies almost as much as

summer precipitation. So snowfall can be several inches more or less just a few miles down the


This class will put emphasis on the importance in driving in the winter, also provide

safety tips for the upcoming cold season.

This class will prepare people to be “Muskegon area storm spotters. It will prepare them

to accurately report severe winter weather, and how to gather weather info to be prepared for

reporting winter weather.

Taking this class will people Michigander’s learn how to drive safe, spot severe weather,

and prepare them for unpredictable weather ahead.

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