Pennies are lucky… especially if you have a lot of them

By Abigail-Lauten Meredith, Bird’s-Eye View –

abby-colheadI recently learned that it costs 1.8 cents to make a penny. This is completely absurd

because we are losing money to make this seemingly worthless coin.

But then it dawned on me: Pennies are lucky.

Ever since I was young, I have picked up a penny if it was heads up and kept it for luck. I

truly believed, until about age 10, that pennies possessed this mysterious, magical quality that

would change my luck if I were lucky enough to find them. And if I found a penny with its tail

up, I would flip it over for the next lucky fellow to pick up.

Now when I see pennies, I don’t think of hem as worthless coins that jingle in my wallet.

I see them as a reminder that I can change my luck.

If we broke down the history of the lucky penny, we would find that metals have always

been considered precious gifts from the gods to protect us, but I like the mystery of the penny.

It’s paradoxical that we consider pennies to be equally worthless and priceless at the

same time. When we go to a fountain, what's the first thing that we reach for? A penny to throw

in and make a wish.

Sure, we can use other change, but the penny is the best. If I see a quarter on the ground, I

pick it up and consider myself twenty-five cents richer and a little lucky. But if I pick up a

penny, I make a wish on anything I want – things that are far more valuable than twenty-five


How is it that a penny that costs more to make than it’s worth has more magic and luck

than any of the other coins? I have no idea.

The journey of a penny is a long and interesting one. Each penny has probably had

multiple owners (It's okay. We can all use hand sanitizer), homes and experiences that all led up

to you or me picking it up. So, no matter how absurd it is to make pennies, I am still going to

keep a jar by my desk and count myself lucky when I find pennies.

They’ll add up when I have to start paying tuition at a university…

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