MCC president, students respond to Trump travel ban, immigration status

By Abigail-Lauren Meredith, News Editor –

Response to President Donald Trump’s recent immigration ban was swift, sparking

protests across the country and support from college administrators.

MCC President Nesbary sent an email to all students, faculty and staff, expressing the

administration’s support for “equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus along with a safe

campus environment.”

The order barred admission into the U.S. from seven countries—Iraq, Iran, Libya,

Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen—for 90 days. There is a 120-day barred entry from anywhere

else in the world and an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria.

Within hours, people across the country were outraged and called the order a Muslim

ban. Protests surged in airports and college campuses around the nation demanding an end to

immigration ban, with some college administrators indicating that they would protect refugees

and immigrants despite Trump’s order.

The ban has been a topic of discussion in several classes, with students expressing their

position on the issue as well as frustration.

“I feel like the ban is increasing racial tension and xenophobia,’ said Brianna

MacPherson, sophomore. “It’s going to fuel the hate that is Trump’s point of view. Colleges

should protect the students.”

Freshman Kristian Wachter said, “I don’t think he has the right knowledge about these

people. He shouldn’t be making decisions based off paranoia.”

Others have publicly supported immigrants’ rights.

“I think he should leave them be,” said sophomore Charity Ellis. “It doesn’t bother me

that they come here. I think they should go through a process to get here, but they should still be

allowed to come.”

Trump addressed the interpretation of the ban as a ban on Muslims. He was quote in the

press as saying, “It’s not a Muslim ban. In the airports, it’s working out very nicely.”

Many disagree with the claim as hundreds of refugees and immigrants were forced to

wait in limbo at airports across the U.S.

The immigration ban faced backlash from politicians in both parties and on Feb. 3, U.S.

Federal District Judge James Robart issued a restraining order on Friday that immediately halted

the executive order nationwide.

On Feb. 9, the three federal judges of the Ninth Circuit Court voted unanimously to deny

the Department of Justice bid for emergency stay.

Many are divided on the immigration ban.

According to a sample poll by CBS News of 1,019 adults from various political beliefs,

51 percent of Americans polled disapprove of the ban, while 45 percent approve.

The poll found equal approval or disapproval rates consistent along party lines: 85

percent of Republicans approve while 85 percent of Democrats disapprove of the executive


The poll also showed that more than seven in 10 Americans do not believe there should

be a Muslim ban.


Nesbary's Email
Nesbary’s Email


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