Making friends becomes an easier time with study groups

By Zachary Thomas, What’s the Buzz? –

Zach column head In my semesters here at MCC, I’ve come across some interesting characters. Some of them are noteworthy.

Others, to be honest, I’d rather forget. Through those trials I’ve found that life is just a little more chipper when

likable peers are around.

What are friends good for? For one they can boost us to work harder. I find it really convenient to just call up

friends and see if they would like to study together. Classes are an excellent source of friendships just waiting to

grow. The easiest way to start something with someone is to simply ask a few people if they would like to form a

study group. Usually at the start of a class, when the teacher tells everyone to introduce themselves, I mention to the

whole room that I want to form some sort of study group. It works very well, especially if the class is known to be

somewhat difficult. Sometimes it requires a little persuasion but free pizza never hurt anyone, did it?

If we find that we somewhat like the people who have come to our little club, they’re easy picks to start

something new. I’m honestly surprised at what a recourse classes are to make friendships. All it takes is a little

courage to ask if others are interested in a common goal of a good grade.

Soon you’ll see them in the student union and may find they have friends too! If you’ve already been friendly

towards them and they’ve shown it as well, walk up to them. After all, friendship is a two-way street. If you enjoy

their company, odds are they enjoy yours too. Introduce yourself to the others surrounding them and you may find

that they also share the same common interests that you do.

To communicate with each other better, messenger group chats are an excellent way to stay connected to get

that arduous homework question done before it’s due. I find that if I’m nice to other people, they are generally nice

back. So sending notes over Facebook when people are gone from class, then they will most likely do the same thing

in return. Extra friendship points are awarded for sending before being asked.

As things progress, we may find that the semester is over and we’re still talking to them! That’s the real

dividing line between knowing if people are serious about their friendship with you. If the friendship still exists

outside of the classroom, chances are that it is genuine and need to be treated as such. The ones who stick around are

the ones to glue yourself to.

I know, it takes a little courage to ask someone to join your endeavor. Whether that’s to go out to eat, finish an

essay or just to hang out, it doesn’t matter who says no. The ones that say yes are the ones who form those lasting


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