New teaching styles improve educational experience for students

Editorial –

Learning has drastically changed in the last few generations, and we at the Bay Window,

believe it has changed for the better. Thankfully, gone are the days of being forced to listen to

unstimulating, one-sided lectures by esteemed faculty while students take notes in rapid chicken

scratch. Colleges now offer a plethora of options for students to choose from to best succeed.

For years, classes were pretty generic in the sense that professors would give out

information and the students were successful only if they were able to spit back the information

on tests. There was little interaction or engagement. While some students thrive in classes such

as these, others learn better in interactive courses with free exchange of ideas. In the same vein,

while some may do better with the engaging and participatory aspects of a traditional classroom

setting, others benefit from the independent nature of online course.

Older students often relate horror stories of boring classes where professors lectured

(often to several hundred or more students at a time) in a monotone, with no visual examples or

slides to stimulate the students’ imagination.

Another advantage of learning in the present day is the advent of the computer, the cell

phone, and Google. Students are able to retrieve material for themselves without relying on

professors to spoon-feed them information. Many faculty nowadays are willing to put themselves

in place of the student by leading classes that are participatory based.

With all of these new opportunities, we as students can no longer blame professors for

our lack of learning or for making us participate in class discussions. The world is our oyster and

it is up to us to take advantage of the opportunities.

Also among our advantages today are the MCC faculty and their various approaches to

teaching. At MCC, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of professors with vastly different

teaching styles. We also value the fact that many have years of teaching experience.

MCC offers classes tailored to almost every kind of learner. The lecture-centered classes

are better for oral learners, while multi-media classes appeal to visual learners. The best

instructors use a variety of methods.

For students who absolutely loathe the idea of physically coming to school, there are an

abundance of online classes offered in a assortment of subjects. With YouTube tutorials and

fellow students around the world willing to share their studying tips via the Web, online learning

is easier than ever before. Staying up on current events and relating them to the classroom setting

is just a click away.

We as students need to be able to complete a class not only more knowledgeable about

the subject matter but also able to relate what we have learned about the world around us. Instead

of asking "Why do I have to take this?" we desire to understand the reason for a class and why it

is important – a feat accomplished by current teaching and learning methods.

As the structure of the classroom becomes more flexible, the door opens for students to

unleash their full potential and take control of their own education. Though we all must endure

the dreaded gen eds, an improvement in the way we are taught the subject may make all the


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