Valentine’s Day is one of the worst holidays

By Grace Dowling, Give a little Grace –

Grace colheadValentine’s Day. Some say it’s one of the best holidays of the year. I doubt that.

It’s one of the worst and downright depressing, mostly because of the awful gifts that are


People are always getting flowers. What do flowers do? They wilt and die. Sure

they’re nice for a day or two, but they’re impractical and a huge waste of money. Florists

jack up the price right before holidays, and it seems everybody but men with guilty

consciences seem to be wise to that fact. Problem solved with silk flowers? Not really.

They fade, collect dust, and just look cheap and disgusting. Instead of flowers maybe try

a live plant or a rose bush for her garden. That way she has an unlimited supply of fresh


How about those assorted boxed chocolates? Like Forrest Gump said, you never

know what you’re going to get. The lucky ones will get chocolate ganache or caramel.

Usually though, the luck of the draw results in orange crème, Pepto Bismol, jelly, or

liquid antibiotic flavors. Anyway, chocolates are just a bad idea all together, since most

women are on a perpetual diet. Try a fruit basket instead.

Some guys think they’re clever for opting to give cute cuddly stuffed animals.

This is a case where size does matter. Bigger is not better. First off, guys do not seem to

take into consideration how big their girlfriend’s room is. Who wants a ginormous stuffed

animal sitting in the corner of the room taking up space that could obviously be used for

something better, like shoes and that pile of dirty laundry. Besides, who wants something

with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” on it staring back at them all year long.

Goodwill is full of stuffed animals. Instead why not opt for a gift card.

Face it. Most guys are no good at picking out jewelry. Just because the sales

person says its beautiful doesn’t make it so. Many times a ring is the wrong size. It’s too

often a gaudy bauble that no girl in her right mind would be seen in public wearing.

Thinking earrings are the route to take? Perhaps they are, but spend the money to buy

some earrings decent enough that don’t make her ears break out or turn green. Instead

have her pick out what she likes.

In actuality what is Valentine’s Day anyway? It is really nothing more than a

fictitious holiday dreamt up by overzealous marketers in a feeble attempt to sell more


In reality shouldn’t every day be Valentine’s Day? The focus year round should

not just be on lovers but on others. For example, parents, children, grandparents, siblings,

and even coworkers. Although showing affection is good, that doesn’t mean we need to

hug everybody. There are many other ways to show people we care about them as our

valentines every day of the year.

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