We all have our quirks (some weirder than others), but seriously… not wearing pants?

By Grace Dowling, Give a Little Grace –

Grace colheadEveryone has a best friend. But not everyone has one with weird habits like mine. She

definitely is one of a kind.

First, she eats mostly natural foods. This is not because she is into healthy food, but

because she is allergic to many of the dyes added to most foods. Sometimes she goes off her diet,

but occasionally sneaks foods that she shouldn’t eat.

I find this weird because who wants to eat all natural. That’s just gross. Although, come

to think of it, she does happen to make some of the best chocolate chip cookies around.

One time we were allowed to take food into the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids,

because my friend told the bag checkers that it was food for her special diet. She said she was

allergic to everything they sold, so they let her bring in Little Caesar’s pizza. Um, right.

I guess sometimes being allergic can be good for something after all, because we didn’t

have to pay for food that night and we all know how arena food is crazy expensive. As an added

bonus, we actually snuck in food that was not on her diet. It was actually tasty!

Another all natural food she insists on is Breyer’s Ice Cream, which costs a lot more than

any other brand. What makes it all natural? The package says: “Made with fresh cream, sugar,

milk, and Rainforest Alliance Certified vanilla beans. Made with non-GMO sourced

ingredients.” Yes, powdered milk, artificial sweeteners, and generic vanilla cost less. They also

taste weird. So in this case, you get what you pay for in taste.

She also has another weird habit; she doesn’t like to wear pants. One time I walked into

her room and said, “You’re wearing pants!” I was totally surprised by the fact that she was

actually wearing some. She then burst out laughing and said, “Yes, I guess I am!”

Sometimes I’ll just be sitting on her bed and then she’ll say, “Sorry, but I can’t stand it

any longer. They have to come off.”

I don’t know why she can’t just wear sweatpants like a normal person or even pajama

pants. At least she wears pants when she leaves the house.

People might be asking themselves what is wrong with this person? Actually, there is

nothing wrong with her besides the fact that she eats weird and doesn’t like to wear pants around

the house. It’s not like she doesn’t wear underwear; she’s just not a fan of wearing pants at home.

When I shared what I had wrote with my friend she said she laughed so hard she was

crying. Then she messaged me and said, “As I’m lying in bed with no pants.” How ironic is that,

someone sitting around in her underwear, not wearing pants, and then reading about it?

I guess we all have our quirks. It’s what makes each of us unique.

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