Baseball team returns 12 players, looking forward to strong season

By Amy Huber, Editor –

Greg Guzman, coach of MCC’s baseball team anticipates another great season.

Working with new players often takes some time to get the players to jibe with each

other, Guzman doesn’t seem to have that problem.

“I believe we have better continuity than last season due to being with these players for

two year,” he said. “We have 12 returning sophomores.”

This year’s team has shown they can take the win. This spring when they were in Miami,

competing against Elev8, they were trailing 5-0 after six innings.

“They showed just how strong they are by coming back to win the game with a triple

steal, ending the game with a solid 6-5,” Guzman said. He added that it was their best game so

far this season.

This team shows many strengths.

“It takes organization, dedication and hard work to be a student athlete in our program.

This also requires solid commitment,” he said. Team strengths are chemistry and talent level.

Our biggest weakness is overall team depth.”

Freshman right-handed pitcher Joe Huesing, who played baseball all four years of his

time at Coopersville High School, has been pitching for six or seven years.

“The transition between the different leagues was typically the same” Huesing said. “It’s

better pitching and better hitting as age goes up. There are a lot more homevruns hit at the

college level, but it’s due to age and strength. Players are faster, pitching is faster, and balls are

hit faster. The game is just played at a faster pace as age goes up.”

With age comes responsibility.

“I believe we have a couple players who may be able to play at a professional level

provided they stay injury-free and continue to push themselves towards excellence,” Guzman


Huesing, whose favorite player is Chris Archer of the Tampa Bay Rays explains that he

wants to be like Archer:

“He is a pitcher as am I, and he simply has the most electrifying pitches to me,” said

Huesing. “I would want to meet Chris Archer. I would ask him how he throws his slider because

it’s arguably the best one in the game and I would also ask him about his pre-game routines.”

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