The end of the semester brings jubilation all around, for grads and the rest of us

Editorial –

Most students have mixed feelings about the semester coming to an end. Some are

jubilant at making it to the finish line after what may have several years of classes, homework,

tests, late hours, early mornings and gallons of coffee or energy drinks.

They are to be commended on their success. To those who will be graduating, we wish

the best of luck to them on their future, whether it happens to be starting a new career or

transferring to a university.

Others are just as excited to be finally finishing the semester, done with…well,

homework, tests, late hours, early mornings and gallons of coffee or energy drinks. However,

they still can put off for a few months any thoughts of school – except for those who don’t get a

break at all and are taking summer classes.

Others are not looking forward to spending the summer toiling away as some menial job

to earn enough money to come back in the fall and repeat the process once again.

The last month has been hectic for everyone, as faculty try to get caught up on grading

and students work frantically to complete their missing assignments and late papers, all the while

begging their instructors for extra credit.

As the dreaded finals approach, we at The Bay Window appreciate those instructors who

are moving away from the traditional multiple choice and essay exams toward more of a hands-

on, interactive approach.

In those classes students actually can apply what they have learned, and we’d like to see

more of that. We think that most other students would appreciate that approach, too. It sure beats

cramming for final exams that we’ll forget the content of by next week.


… and happiness for the BW as well


While summer means that most people, including The Bay Window, are on vacation, we

have had an amazing year. Our paper took multiple awards (again) at the Michigan Community

College Press Association’s annual competition, hosted at Central Michigan University.

Every year we pour our hearts and souls into our work, and spend hundreds of hours

producing what we know is a good publication. Sometimes we are frustrated because the amount

of feedback we receive is limited. However, when we do get compliments it gives us renewed


We are ecstatic about our multiple awards, especially the fact that Amy Huber, editor for

the second year, won two of the same awards as last year. We continue to bring honors to MCC

with a quality publication.

We feel a little like David having defeated Goliath, since MCC is one of the smallest

community colleges in the competition. In several categories, we won out over student writers

from much larger schools and larger staffs.

A new category in which The Bay Window took honorable mention, the “Turkey

Award,” is more of an embarrassment than an honor. But we’re cool with it. In our defense,

working until one o’clock in the morning tends to make our brains fuzzy. The words “Quote

from Andy goes here,” actually made it into print.

In the future, we’ll be sure to proofread closer! Or maybe not, if it means more awards.

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