New health and wellness center is third of four major MCC construction projects

By Stephanie Kennert- News Editor

With the completion later this semester of the new Health and Wellness Center, MCC is in the midst of its third of four major construction projects.

The center, located on the south end of campus, covers 52,000 square feet on one floor. One-third of the space will be a gym and the other two-thirds will be dedicated to classrooms and office space.

The school broke ground on Sept. 22, 2017, and the project is $1 million under budget and four months ahead of schedule.

The center is expected to house classes in the core curriculum for MCC students, many in physical education. It will also be supporting nursing, respiratory therapy, and medical assistant programs.

One unique aspect of the center is a health and simulation lab. The lab will use life or death scenarios with the works of modern technology to enhance the learning process for those in the medical fields.

MCC also partnered with Grand Valley State University and Mercy Health to add a primary care center.

This center will provide nursing students with the opportunity to gain clinical hours while in a setting enabled for learning.

Space is allocated to each of the major areas in the center. Health and physical education will have three rooms, including the Ron Gaffner Room, targeted for the use of activity classes.

The medical assistant department will have three simulated exam rooms as well as three blood draw stations and a lab. They will be used for students to obtain clinical experience, possible outreach to other programs such as phlebotomy.

This center opens up opportunities for students in the physical education and medical field, and more options for the core curriculum. For individuals and corporations looking to leave their mark in this new wave of innovation at MCC, donors are able to have classrooms and laboratories named after them.

The fourth and final building in the project will be the Arts and Humanities Center in 2019. Funding for the four buildings includes $5.6 million from the Michigan Legislature. MCC is contributing 60 percent of the total cost and funds also have been received from a $24 million millage approved by Muskegon county voters in 2013.

The first two buildings to be completed were the Science Center, followed by the downtown campus renovation and expansion.

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