Road trippin’ into history to include Gettysburg visit

By Tony Long- Staff Writer

A study trip to Gettysburg, the site of one of the turning points of the Civil War, will take place Sept. 28-Oct. 1.

It is sponsored by the MCC social sciences department. Kurt Troutman is an advisor on the trip and teaches a class centered around the trip.

“It is important for any students to get the opportunity to see the setting of an actual event instead of sitting in a classroom and being lectured on the subject,” he said.

Troutman said the department considers the trips as “experiential learning.”

A total of 17 students, along with several community members, will be going.

“This battle, in my opinion, is the pivotal moment in our country’s history” Troutman said. “This moment could have easily gone another direction and our lives could be drastically different if that direction happened. The North could have lost the battle on Little Round Top and the chances of the North winning the war could have disappeared.”

On the trip to Gettysburg, students and community members will have the opportunity to see several key landmarks such as Little Round Top and the sight of Pickett’s Charge. They will also see more than 1,300 sculptures, a 400 feet by 50 feet cyclorama painting, have the chance to meet sculptor Gary Casteel, the location where Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, and have a private, nighttime meeting with author William A. Frassanito.

“Gary Casteel is the only living sculptor of the sculptures seen at Gettysburg,” Troutman said. “Students and community members will have the opportunity to not only meet him, but also have an opportunity to see the workshop where he made some of the sculptures.”

Four or five trips are planned before the end of the school year next May.

“My suggestion to students who want to do a trip is simple,” Troutman said. “Just do it. They say they do not have the time to go on these trips. We all have these issues, so just take some time to learn and see sights that not many people have the opportunity to see.”

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