Students grading faculty on provide helpful advice

As college students, we want the best source of education we can find. More specifically, we want professors who will guide us toward academic success. Our fellow classmates tend to help the situation by explaining what professors to take… or not to take.  Relying on each other is the only source of truth we have left, especially when quizzes are being pushed down our throats.

The site RateMyProfessors is a blessing for college students. Those struggling to find someone worth their while can log onto the website and look at reviews, ratings, and comments from previous students to find which professors to take.

Most of the time you can easily pinpoint who students like and dislike just from viewing an overall rating. Professors are scored on level of difficulty, overall quality, and effectiveness in the classroom. What more could we want? Even though the website is crawling with student activity, little do we know, many of our professors visit their profile on the down low. (Shhhhh. We knew this would happen.)

One of the intentions for posting on the website is for faculty to view their profile and make changes. Having a bad rating doesn’t always ring true, but it serves as a guide for professors to understand how students feel after being in their class for a semester. Instead of taking the site as constructive criticism, many professors are skeptical, and see it as a way for students to relay misleading information.

Of course, some students do use it to see who will provide an easy class, but others mainly look for how well the faculty teach the material, respond to students, and if they are helpful.

The website would not be as popular if we could view the in-class surveys required by most professors at the end of the semester. The surveys are similar to RateMyProfessors. We review each professor anonymously and leave comments about issues we may have had in the course. Instead of relaying information back to future students, each survey dissipates after we hit the “submit” button. Since we can’t see the surveys ourselves, they are not taken as seriously. Think of the hundreds of reviews we have fill out. Where do they go?

Students rely on each other for help. Whether that be in the classroom, or outside of the classroom, we relate to one another in similar ways. RateMyProfessor allows for college students to have a small peek of what their semester holds, rather than going into it blindly.


Proud to be Jayhawks


As MCC begins a new semester, we at The Bay Window would like to welcome all students, both new and returning.

We join all employees – including the administration, faculty, and support staff- who have one goal in mind: To make every student at MCC proud to be a Jayhawk.

We’re proud to be a part of this campus, which is alive with construction on several projects. The new Health and Wellness Center is expected to be completed by winter semester, and work ahs already begun on the new Arts and Humanities Center.

We’re also proud that MCC has been named the number-one ranked community college in Michigan, providing students with a quality education that rivals many four-year colleges.

We might be one of the smallest community colleges in Michigan, but we can hold our own with the big guns. We’re proud to be Jayhawks and hope all of our fellow students are, too.

By Emery Trautner – The More You Know

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