Will ‘Fallout 76’ meet expectations?

“Fallout 76” is the fourth installment of game developer Bethesda’s Fallout series. Fallout was initially developed by Interplay Studios in 1996 but bought out by Bethesda in 2004 after Interplay filed bankruptcy. With Fallout 4, Bethesda’s latest title, becoming old and out of rotation, fans need a new Fallout game to feed their addiction.

“Fallout 76” will be released in November, but with some concerns about the series. Previously, all Fallout games have been single player and open world. Bethesda has announced that it will be keeping the open world but has switched out its signature single player for multiplayer.

The Fallout series, under Bethesda, has become well-revered and almost God-like in the gaming community. “Fallout 3,” Bethesda’s first Fallout game, sold 4.7 million copies from its October release to the end of the year and has sold around 12.4 million copies worldwide.

The game featured first- or third-person shooter gameplay in a vast wasteland of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. and followed a boy searching for his father through this unforgiving land. The game received high ratings among players as well as critics with a 92/100 on Metacritic and being named Game of the Year in 2009.

“Fallout 76” has a some pretty big shoes to fill. Reactions by fans, including me, were mixed upon hearing the multiplayer change-up. By and large, fans are in love with Bethesda and its capability to make a great game. Its track record includes games such as the “2016 Doom “remake, “Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” and, of course, “Fallout 3.”

Most fans agree that “Fallout 76” will be interesting, to say the least. I have faith that Bethesda will make a great game. Creating a multiplayer-based game is a little out of its element, considering previous games are vastly single player-based, but Bethesda has yet to disappoint me with a game.

This change to multiplayer can go two ways. It can either be a huge success, or it could be an utter failure. The game seems to be based on enlisting the help of the other online players. In theory, this seems like it could be fun – run around with other players, killing monsters and building settlements.

What seems to be the issue with fans is that players aren’t usually helpful in the video game world. “Call of Duty,” for example, relies on teamwork to win the objective. In reality, teamwork is almost never seen. Bethesda has advertised again and again that teamwork is essential in this game but whether fans will listen is completely up to the players.

I have faith in Bethesda that this game will be good. However, I do not think it will live up to “Fallout 3” or “Fallout 4.” “Fallout 3” was revolutionary to the open-world industry and I do not believe that any game Bethesda publishes can live up to that. In comparison to “Fallout 4,” “Fallout 76” has the potential to be as good and, if the cards are played right, possibly even better.

As far as gameplay, graphics, and storyline, “Fallout 76” is solid. Most players, myself included, are not concerned about these aspects, yet Bethesda has proved it can handle it. The question comes down to whether Bethesda can pull off a multiplayer-based video game and associate it with such a huge title.

If this multiplayer-based game fails, it will bring down Bethesda’s reputation and the reputation of the game series. Let’s all hope that Bethesda will take this new challenge and smack it out of the park.

By Dalton Klenk – Klenk Contributor

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